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Are you going on a trip and need a PCR test or antigen test at the last minute?

At Fast PCR Schiphol you can easily book your appointment online and you will be at our test location at Schiphol in no time. You will receive your test result within 20 minutes, while you calmly walk to the departure halls to check in.

1 minute walk from Schiphol

Our test facility is located directly across Schiphol Plaza at the Sheraton Hotel. Cross the street and just walk straight ahead for 1 minute.

Book your appointment

You can easily schedule your appointment online via this website. This can be done in advance, as well as when you are already at the door.

Results within 20 minutes

You can leave immediately after the test. Within just 20 minutes you will receive your test result by Email.

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Our test location is less than a 1-minute walk from the main entrance of Schiphol

Walking route from arrival hall

In the arrivals hall, go to the Hertz store, and take the adjacent exit. Then cross the two zebra crossings. Walk straight on for another 50 meters. The main entrance to the Sheraton hotel is now on your left.

Test location within Sheraton hotel

Our test location is located directly at the main entrance of the Sheraton hotel. As soon as you go through the revolving doors, walk to the right. You have arrived at our location.

Our tests

Do you want to schedule a test appointment, but you don’t know which test is most useful for you? View our explanation below.

Which test do you need?

The type of test and travel certificate you need depends on which country you are visiting. Therefore, research carefully what you need for your trip.

Click here for current information on all countries.

Last minute RT-PCR Test

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Rapid Antigen Test

What is an antigen test
Advantages of an emergency antigen test
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